Meet Danielle - Americans Living In Madrid

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Alicia Ball

Hi Danielle, why did you come to Madrid and whereabouts did you come from?

I came from Chicago, Illinois in the United States to be an English teaching assistant. 

How does Madrid compare with Chicago? 

I like madrid a lot, it's definitely similar city wise, with how many people live here and how large it is, but I think Madrid is much more of a social city than Chicago.

What do you do with your spare time Danielle?

I like to learn about and see new things in the city, and hang out with my friends either here or travelling.

What are the top 3 spots that come to your head when you think about Madrid? 

Well some popular places I go in madrid would be more of the Malasaña or la Latina area. These places seem to be full of young people, and there are many bars and restaurants to go to (El Viajero in La Latina is one of my favourite bars, and La Tita Rivera in Malasaña I love).

What do you want to do most beforeyou leave?

I definitely want to travel more before I leave.

Do you have any tricks or advice for people that are going to move here? 

I would say make sure to move here before September because trying to find somewhere to live in Madrid in September is crazy.

What's been the most difficult thing about moving to Madrid? 

Being away from my family.

Whilst we're speaking about difficulties, how have you managed with Spanish banking? Which bank do you use and why?

Spanish banking is very annoying. I hate their hours and that they are only open till 2 most days, and not open on the weekends. It’s difficult to try to deposit my paychecks from work. I just think the banks here make everything more difficult than needed.

What's a typical day like for you here in Madrid? 

I go to work, come home and eat lunch, run some errands, hangout with friends, and sometimes I give private English lessons to young students.

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